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Christmas decorations bring Christmas. Everyone has their own style of decorating their home for Christmas: for some, a few important and showy Christmas decorations are enough, while others dress the home in a festive outfit from floor to ceiling. The wonderful Kalevala, Lumoava and Swarovski Christmas decorations are collectibles that bring a festive atmosphere to every home. Buy for yourself or as a gift, to extend your current collection or start collecting this Christmas. Check out other Christmas gift ideas at the same time.

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Christmas Decorations Create Traditions

Everyone's Christmas is unique. One wants childhood Christmas traditions for the Christmas table and Christmas tree decorations, and the other wants to create a completely unique Christmas. In any case, Christmas is a time when traditions are created and cherished, whether they are new or learned from childhood family. Traditions are also valued in Christmas decorations, and Christmas decorations become collectors' items, one of which is bought every year. That way, they also contain special memories. In Laatukoru online store, you can find Lumoava, Kalevala and Swarovski Christmas decorations, which are suitable for Christmas tree decorations or window decorations. The limited-edition collector's items that appear every year are also an ideal and tradition-generating Christmas gift.

Modern Lumoava Christmas Decorations

Lumoava brings a new Christmas decoration model to its collection every year. The enchanting Christmas decorations are suitable as Christmas tree decorations, but they can also be creatively used to decorate the home at Christmas time, such as on the window. The style of Lumoava's Christmas decorations is modern and recognizable Lumoava's jewelry design. The Christmas decoration of 2022 is the Lumikukka designed by Inni Pärnäinen. The snow flower is inspired by the Christmas rose and its folding leaves remind of brighter times. The snow flower is made of steel and is available in two colors, rose gold and silver. The Lumoava Christmas decorations come with two different colored ribbons and have the year lasered on them.

Kalevala's Christmas Decoration is a Beloved Collector's Item

Kalevala's Christmas decorations are collector's items, which are produced in limited quantities every year. In unique Christmas decorations, traditions and ancient stories come to life as beloved characters. For example, the Christmas decoration of 2022 was the Kalevankarhu, which according to the old belief was half human and half forest people, and that is why it was once a figure that enjoyed great respect.

The Kalevala Christmas ornament is suitable as a Christmas tree decoration or to be hung on the window, where it reflects the light of the fireplace and candles. With the Kalevala Christmas decoration, you create a Christmas atmosphere in your home. The desirable collector's item has a year stamp, which also tells posterity when the ornament was made. Kalevala Christmas decorations are made of shiny bronze or silver.

Sparkling Crystal Christmas Decorations from Swarovski

In addition to Lumoava and Kalevala Christmas decorations, you can also find beautiful Swarovski crystal Christmas decorations in our selections. Swarovski Christmas decorations sparkle with captivating Swarovski crystals and with them you ensure a sparkling Christmas atmosphere. Swarovski's Christmas ornaments also have the year stamped on them and are valuable collectibles. Hang this crystal ornament-like Christmas ornament on a tree or window.

A Christmas Decoration as a Gift

Do you want to delight your loved ones with a gift that remains meaningful from Christmas to Christmas? Christmas decorations equipped with a year stamp are a nice gesture for a gift box or, for example, as a small Christmas present during Christmas. As beloved collectibles, they are nice to give as gifts every year.

Christmas Decorations from Laatukoru Online Store

You can find beloved Christmas decorations in our online store's selection. Christmas tree decorations or window decorations with year stamps are collector's items that are available in limited quantities every Christmas. All Christmas decorations are delivered in their stylish original packaging, where they can also be stored from Christmas to the next. Check out the selection and order a Christmas decoration for yourself or as a gift for loved ones!

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