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Change the look of your watch with easily replaceable straps! In our selection, you can find replacement straps for Tissot and Garmin watches, as well as Havu wooden straps suitable for Apple Watch watches. With a replacement strap, you can make your watch part of your outfit or update it to suit your lifestyle and hobbies, or maybe you just want a change in your everyday life. All replacement straps are easily replaceable thanks to their own mechanism or the included tools.

With Tissot Replacement Straps, You Can Change the Style of Your Watch

Stylish Tissot replacement straps make it easy to personalize the watch to your own look. You can find Tissot straps in our selection in several different colors and materials. Depending on the size, you can choose from leather, silicone and fabric straps and color options ranging from dark to light tones and from earthy to bright colors. The leather straps have different stitching and perforations, and the fabric straps have different pattern and print options. You can also find leather bracelets with alligator pattern as well as fabric straps with blue denim. Tissot straps are available in different widths from 15 mm to 22 mm. With the Tissot replacement straps, you get a handy tool that makes changing the strap quick and easy. Get to know Tissot straps and buy a replacement strap for your dress watch or update your watch with a silicone strap suitable for sports!

Personalize Your Style with Garmin Replacement Bands

You can easily change the look of your Garmin smartwatch with Quick Fit and Quick Release replacement bands. Easily replaceable bands complete your style and adapt your watch to suit your activity. The Garmin smartwatch transforms into a competent dress watch with the help of a leather or metal band, and the same watch works for afternoon activities with a silicone band. In Garmin bands, you can choose from a wide selection of silicone bands in different colors, from easy black to bright eye-catching colors and fun pastels. White, black and brown tones work for leather bracelets, while a shiny steel or titanium band is best in dark and black. Choose your favorite color or pair of colors, or depending on the season, dark colors for winter and strong colors for summer. In Garmin bands, the most color options can be found in silicone bands, but a wide variety of colors can also be found in leather, nylon and metal bands.

When choosing a Garmin band, you should know whether your watch is compatible with Garmin Quick Fit or Garmin Quick Release. Quick Release bands generally fit Venu, Vivomove and Vivoactive watches, while Quick Fit bands fit Fenix, Epix and Quatix watches. Both band models are easy to change without tools.

Havu Apple Watch Compatible Straps Made of Real Wood

Havu's Apple Watch-compatible bands are made of real wood and metal. The band is designed so that the parts that experience the most stress are metal, but otherwise the band is made of pleasant-feeling wood. The wooden strap does not grind, and it does not feel cold. Havu Apple Watch strap are designed in Oulu and strongly reflect the northern Finnish nature. With the strap, you get everything you need to change the bracelet and to shorten or lengthen it. The order comes with two additional pieces and a shortening tool. You can remove the old band by pressing the locking button on the band and the new band clicks into place.

With Replacement Bands, You Can Quickly Change the Functionality and Style of Your Watch

With a replacement strap, the style and functionality of your watch changes quickly. A silicone band works perfectly for everyday use and sports, but for work and office use, for example, a leather band or a metal band may suit the style better. Sometimes, instead of the purpose of use, a replacement strap can be purchased just for the sake of variety or to match different outfits.

Garmin, Tissot and Havu Apple Watch Straps Easily Online

In our wide selection, you can find replacement straps for Tissot watches and Garmin smartwatches, as well as Havu wooden straps for Apple Watch watches. Different materials in the straps make your watch more versatile and suitable for different situations and purposes. In addition, you can easily and quickly change the style of the watch with replacement straps. Get to know the replacement bracelets of different watch brands and choose the bracelet that suits your needs!

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