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Nomination is the leading Italian jewelry brand in the world steel and gold jewelry market. The jewelry is handmade in Italy. Nomination manufactures fashion jewelry for men and women using high-quality materials: stainless steel, 18K gold, zirconia, gemstone, jewelry stones, and diamonds. The Nomination brand philosophy was born when the Composable piece bracelet began to be sold in 1987.

The Composable bracelet consists of pieces that can be combined with each other, which can be used to customize the bracelet, express your own style and personality. Nomination symbolizes quality, individuality and innovation.

The Composable Nomination Bracelet 

The hallmark of Italian Nomination jewelry has become the Composable collection, which consists of a collapsible bracelet. The bracelet consists of assembled loose pieces, the subjects of which are various symbols, zodiac signs and letters. Nomination loose pieces are made of stainless steel and decorated with silver, 18 carat gold, gemstones and enamel. The pieces are connected to each other by means of a spring mechanism and it is easy to change them. Thus, the Nomination bracelet can also be easily changed over time and when trends change. You can also easily adjust the length of the bracelet either by adding or removing the beads. Thanks to their adaptability, they also suit girls, boys, women and men equally well.

High-Class Italian Jewelry Design

Nomination bracelets combine Italian craftsmanship and high quality. Nomination loose pieces have beautiful details that everyone can choose their own. Choose a beautiful symbol for your bracelet, such as a heart, or your initials or zodiac sign. All Nomination pieces are made of high quality stainless steel and decorated with real gold, silver, enamel and gemstones. In our online store, you can find the Nomination Classic bracelet with 18 pieces and one decorative piece. This is a good way to start the Nomination collection. Later, you can add pieces with the motifs you want or modify the jewelry by changing symbols, letters or zodiac signs to new ones.

Nomination Bracelet as a Gift

Nomination is the most wonderful gift idea, because it involves a special thought and the possibility to continue completing the jewelry on later anniversaries. Nomination is great, for example, as a child's first jewelry. Buy a Nomination loose piece or a Classic bracelet as a christening or christening gift for a child and collect new pieces for the bracelet later. Good subjects are the child's initials or a horoscope piece. There are different versions of initials and horoscope pieces decorated with gold or silver ornaments and gemstones. The Nomination jewelry stays with the child for a long time and is a joy even as an adult.

Nomination Loose Pieces with Zodiac Signs

Popular Nomination loose pieces are decorative pieces with zodiac signs. Nomination zodiac jewelry pieces contain all the star signs and you can choose from two different styles: steel with yellow gold decoration or steel with silver and zircon decoration. The horoscope pieces fit the Nomination Classic bracelet. Buy a Nomination horoscope piece with your star sign or buy it as a gift for a friend, spouse or godchild.

Nomination Bracelet Easily Online

You can find the Nomination Classic bracelet and beautiful loose pieces in the Laatukoru online store. Different symbols, zodiac signs and letters are the subjects of the pieces. Nomination pieces are made of high-quality stainless steel and decorated with 18 carat gold, genuine silver, gemstones and enamel. Nomination is a customizable and transformable piece of jewelry that lasts and is suitable for both children and adults, regardless of gender. Buy a Nomination piece with your initials or horoscope sign. Nomination is also suitable as a gift or as a child's first piece of jewelry. The bracelet is easily modifiable and its length can be easily adjusted. Check out the Nomination collection and order your favorite!

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