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Lumoava Feather Gold Pendant
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Golden pearl pendant
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Lumoava x Moomin, My Love pendant, yellow gold
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Lumoava My Star Pendant with Diamond, Yellow Gold
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Lumoava Wildflowers pendant, yellow gold
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Lumoava x Moomin, Adventure pendant, yellow gold
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Kalevala Kesäyön ruusu, riipus, keltakultaa
Gucci kaulakoru, valkokultaa, YBB163075002
Gucci necklace, white gold, YBB163075002
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Lumoava Sprout necklace, yellow gold
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Lumoava Hug Diamond Pendant, White Gold
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Lumoava Pihla yellow gold pendant
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Lumoava x Moomin, Friendship pendant, yellow gold
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Sale priceFrom 503,00 € Regular price599,00 €

Check out our online store's selection of diamond and gold necklaces! You can find more gold necklaces in Laatukoru stores. You can also inquire about alternatives through our customer service.

Valuable Gold Necklaces and Diamond Necklaces Online

In the selection of diamond necklaces and gold necklaces you will find valuable gold and diamond necklaces. Our selection includes well-known brands such as Kalevala, Gucci and Lumoava. Also check out the beautiful Sun Zodiac pendants decorated with diamonds. Sun Zodiac pendants are available in yellow and white gold and in three different sizes.

Gold as a Jewelry Material

Gold is an ideal material for necklaces: it has a beautiful color and luster and does not change color much over time. Gold is also a safe material for the wearer of the necklace, because gold jewelry is well tolerated and rarely causes allergic reactions. The gold content is marked on the necklaces with stamps that indicate the gold content in parts per million. In 14-karat gold, the proportion of fine gold is 58.5 percent, in which case it is stamped with the mark 585, and in 18-karat gold, the proportion of fine gold is 75 percent, in which case it is stamped with the mark 750. Fine gold as such is too soft to make jewelry, and therefore it is hardened by mixing other metals into it.

By adding different metals to gold, different shades of gold are also made: yellow, white and rose gold. Yellow gold is obtained by mixing silver and copper with gold. The gold alloy called rose gold, red gold and rose gold, on the other hand, is obtained by increasing the copper content of the mixture. White gold, on the other hand, is obtained by mixing, for example, palladium with gold. The shade of white gold is gray or yellowish and sometimes white gold jewelry is rhodium plated to create a light surface. Rhodium plating means coating white gold or other metal with rhodium metal electrolytically.

A Diamond and Gold Necklace as a Gift

A gold necklace is always a good gift idea and the diamonds embedded in the gold pendant make it even more special. When choosing gold necklaces as a gift, you should at least think about what color jewelry the recipient likes, whether he is more of a fan of traditional yellow gold or whether he prefers light jewelry, such as white gold jewelry. You should also think about the style of the necklace according to the gift recipient. Choose stylish minimalism or a more spectacular model according to the gift recipient's preferences.

Care and Maintenance of Gold and Diamond Necklaces

Gold jewelry does not darken with use like, for example, silver jewelry, but gold also loses its luster when used and can get dirty. With the right kind of storage and home care, you will keep your jewelry sparkling for a long time, but regular maintenance by a professional is also worthwhile. Especially with regard to diamond necklaces, it is good to check at regular intervals that the diamonds are properly attached.

Good home care matters when it comes to gold necklaces. Jewelry should be cleaned regularly with a cleaning cloth intended for them. The cloth can be used dry or moistened in mild soapy water. As a cleaning agent, choose a detergent intended for gold jewelry or an ordinary dishwashing detergent. It is important to use mild soapy water and avoid too hard brushes and sponges, or abrasive substances. After cleaning, gold jewelry should be carefully dried with a soft cloth. Always keep your gold and diamond necklaces separate from other jewelry, and always take them off when you go swimming or sauna. Gold jewelry should not be exposed to excessive chemicals or temperature fluctuations.

At Laatukoru, we also take care of your diamond and gold necklaces. Gold and diamond jewelry brought to the Laatukoru store is sent to our workshop, where it is serviced by a professional goldsmith. At the workshop, the jewelry is cleaned, polished, and the setting of the stones is checked. Diamond and gold necklaces are cleaned with detergents intended for cleaning jewelry and with an ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner cleans dirt precisely even from those diamond necklaces that are challenging to clean by hand. When handled by our skilled goldsmiths, your jewelry will be almost like new, and with regular maintenance, your diamond and gold jewelry will last forever.

Diamond Necklaces and Gold Necklaces from the Laatukoru Online Store

In our online store's selection of gold and diamond necklaces, you can find jewelry from well-known brands such as Kalevala, Lumoava and Gucci, as well as beautiful Aurinko Zodiac pendants. Explore the selection and order a beautiful gold necklace for yourself or as a gift!

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