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Kohinoor Duetto engagement ring, titanium and yellow gold, 6 mm, 006-060
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Kohinoor Duetto engagement ring, titanium and yellow gold, 6 mm, 006-062
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Titanium rings with fast delivery from our online store. The popularity of titanium rings as engagement rings has grown a lot. As a material, titanium is non-allergenic, very light and pleasant to use. Titanium rings are suitable for sensitive skin because of their anti-allergenic properties.

Stylish Titanium Rings for Men and Women

In the popular Beat of Love ring collection, you can find stylish titanium rings for men and women. In the selection of Beat of Love titanium rings, you can find several titanium rings finished with different surface treatments and designs. Titanium is an anti-allergic, light and durable material, and it doesn't feel cold even in winter frosts.

Affordable Titanium Rings with Engraving

In our online store you can find a versatile selection of titanium rings. We deliver the rings with fast delivery and, if you wish, also pre-engraved. 

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A Titanium Ring as an Engagement and Wedding Ring

The titanium ring has grown in popularity as an engagement and wedding ring. For one, the color and appearance of titanium is just right, and for another, it is selected as the material of an engagement ring because of its anti-allergy properties. The titanium rings of the Beat of Love collection have rings patterned with various surface treatments and grooves. For those looking for a simplified model, a model with a glossy surface rounded on the inside and outside or a flakka model ring with a brushed surface will do. If you are looking for individuality in your ring, you should check out the rings from the Beat of Love collection, where the outer shape of the ring has been varied by combining shiny and brushed surfaces and various groove patterns.

Beat of Love collection rings are available in 5 mm, 6 mm and 7 mm wide options. It is also possible to engrave the titanium ring. You can also order a titanium ring already engraved in our online store.

Titanium as the material of the ring

As a ring material, titanium is durable and particularly pleasant to wear. Its low thermal conductivity makes the jewelry feel pleasant against the skin: the ring always feels the same temperature as the skin of the finger, even in winter frost. In addition, titanium is light compared to other metals. Thanks to its lightness and low thermal conductivity, the Titanium ring is almost invisible when worn.

Despite its lightness, titanium is a tough and hard material, which makes titanium rings durable. A titanium ring is also a good choice for more challenging everyday use. Titanium is lighter in color and softer in tone than, for example, silver or rhodium-plated white gold, and is therefore also suitable for fair Finnish skin.
Titanium is also a good choice for sensitive skin. Titanium does not react with the body and is therefore non-allergenic. The anti-allergic material is an excellent alternative to a ring when various metal allergies are becoming more common.

Titanium Ring Care

The bright color of titanium does not fade or react with the skin, as in silver and gold jewelry. The wear resistance of titanium also guarantees that the gemstones implanted in it will stick better than in other jewelry metals. Thus, maintaining titanium jewelry is significantly easier and cheaper.

A titanium ring can be cleaned with warm soapy or dishwashing water. Removing scratches from a matte titanium ring can also be done at home. If the ring gets scratches during use, they can be sanded off with coarse scouring wool by a professional.

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