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At Laatukoru Kalevala Outlet, you can find Kalevala jewelry that has been discontinued or will be discontinued at a affordable prices. The products are even more than -40% off, so you will definitely make great finds! The outlet selection of Kalevala jewelry mainly includes jewelry that has been discontinued, which are still just as stylish. All jewelry is new and completely flawless.

At the Kalevala Outlet Discontinued Kalevala Products Up to More than -40%

The Kalevala outlet selection includes many different Kalevala products, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks and tie pins. The beloved Kalevala jewelry is timeless and always as spectacular, even if it is a discontinued collection.

Kalevala Jewelry Old Models from Laatukoru

Browse the old models of Kalevala jewelry in the Laatokoru online store, which are discontinued. Check out the versatile selection of outlets and find yourself wonderful Kalevala jewelry at a great price. All discontinued products in our online store are usually single pieces - so be quick and order yours!

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Kalevala Koru Lapsi-koru, hela, 14K kulta, Kalevala Originals - Kalevala - Laatukoru
Kalevala Child Charm, 14K gold, Kalevala Originals
Save 43%
Sale price470,00 € Regular price820,00 €
Kalevala Valoisa riipus, kulta, Kalevala Modern - Kalevala - Laatukoru
Kalevala Circle of Light Pendant, gold, Kalevala Modern
Save 30%
Sale price859,00 € Regular price1.220,00 €
Kalevala Uskelan Isonkylä ring 3,5 mm, yellow gold, Kalevala Originals
Kalevala Kuura sormus 4,5 mm, valkokulta, Kalevala Originals
Kalevala Kuura Ring 4,5 mm, White Gold, Kalevala Originals
Save 48%
Sale price650,00 € Regular price1.240,00 €
Kalevala Uskelan Isonkylä ring 3,5 mm, white gold, Kalevala Originals

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