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Kalevala Twinflower pendant with white bead, Kalevala Modern
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Kalevala Twinflower pendant with pink bead, Kalevala Modern
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Eino Leino's (1878 - 1926) beloved poem, Nocturne, breathes life into the timeless message of a Finnish summer night: The scent of the wind and the shadows of the water, from them I make the song of my heart. Poet Leino's verses have also inspired jewelry designer Kirsti Doukas, who created the delicate Twinflower series for the Kalevala.

Kalevala's Twinflower series, which wonderfully embodies Finnish nature, charms with its subtle design and gently sweet color scheme. The shy beauty of the Finnish forest, Twinflower (Linnaea borealis), grows in a lush spruce forest and diligently raises one flower after another from its stem.

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Silver Kalevala Twinflower Series with Freshwater Pearls

One of the most popular jewelry series of Kalevala jewelry is the beautiful Twinflower series. Its delicate and feminine jewelry designs are like the breath of a summer night. The Twinflower series is connected by silver ball chains and freshwater pearls and silver leaves hang from them. The options for freshwater pearls are pink and white pearls.

The beautiful jewelry of the Twinflower series was inspired by the verses of Eino Leino's poem Nocturne. The jewelry designed by Kirsti Doukas is handcrafted in Finland. 95 percent of the silver used in the jewelry is recycled and the remaining five percent comes from Nordic mines.

Twinflower Series Pendants, Necklaces and Bracelets

The cute Twinflower series includes a pendant model, a necklace and various bracelets. The pendant model has one silver leaf and a freshwater pearl, in pink or white, on a ball chain. The Twinflower necklace, on the other hand, has many silver leaves along the chain. The ends of the ball chain have Freshwater pearls and they hang freely while the silver leaf catches the necklace a little higher. The necklace is also available with pink or white freshwater pearls.

There are two different models of Twinflower bracelets. The simpler model has a ball chain and a pendant with a silver leaf and a freshwater pearl. Another, more abundant bracelet model has two ball chains with silver leaves and freshwater pearls and one freshwater pearl string. Both bracelet models are available in three different sizes and two different colors, with pink or white freshwater pearls.

Twinflower Earrings and Rings

In addition to necklace and bracelet options, the Twinflower series is completed by beautiful Twinflower earrings and a ring. The beautifully dangling earrings have a ball chain and a freshwater pearl hanging from it. The silver leaf and ball chain are attached to a ring with a pin attachment. In the Twinflower ring, the silver thread wraps around the finger to form four rings and it has the familiar silver leaf and freshwater pearl.

All Twinflower jewelry has a recognizable silver leaf and can be combined with each other. For example, try a bracelet and beautifully dangling Twinflower earrings or combine a Twinflower ring with a necklace. Try also beautiful Trend earrings with Vanamo jewelry!

Twinflower Pendant as a Gift for a Godchild

The jewelry from the Twinflower series is a sweet gift idea for, for example, a godchild on baptism or name day. In the story of the Twinflower jewelry, gentle Twinflower is a shy beauty of the Finnish forest, who raises one flower after another from her stem. The jewelry series has suitable models from children to adults, and as a gift idea it works for anyone who likes pretty jewelry. A small pendant is suitable for a little girl and a slightly longer Twinflower necklace is suitable for an adult woman, for example. All Twinflower jewelry is delivered in Kalevala's original jewelry boxes. They also come with the jewelry's story and care instructions.

Handmade Twinflower Jewelry

Kalevala jewelry is manufactured at its own factory in Konala, Helsinki. More than 80 jewelry professionals work at the factory, and each piece of jewelry passes through an average of ten pairs of hands on its way from blank to finished piece. Kalevala has invested in Finnish goldsmith work and has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol as proof of supporting Finnish work.

Kalevala Twinflower with Express Delivery

You can find Twinflower jewelry in our online store easily and with express delivery. Order a beautiful Twinflower jewelry for yourself or as a gift, or choose a Kalevala jewelry from our wide selection.

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