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Would you like to have the engagement ring or wedding ring of your dreams? Laatukoru is a family-owned business and we have our own goldsmith workshop in Hyvinkää, Finland, where we can produce unique custom rings by professional goldsmiths. On this page we will tell you in more detail how to get a unique ring or jewellery made with us.

Why to Create a Unique Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring goes with the wearer for life. So it's important that it's exactly what you want and reflects you. Engagement rings and wedding rings come in a wide range of styles and materials. As you compare and match different styles, gemstones and settings, you may find that you love certain elements in certain rings, but you may not find a ring that meets all your requirements. If you have your own vision of the ring of your dreams, you can design one from start to finish as a unique bespoke piece through us.

Creating a custom-made ring ensures that your engagement ring or wedding ring will be exactly the style and design you want.

How the Process of Creating a Ring Goes

Ordering a custom ring or jewellery from our workshop is easy and hassle-free for you. Let's go through the process of how to commission a unique ring in practice.

#1 Idea of the ring to be made

Commissioning and designing a ring starts with your vision. You may have seen a ring you like on social media or online and wish you had a similar ring for yourself. In this case, you should deliver it to us either in our shop or by email a picture(s) of the style you want. A clear drawing is also fine. A picture is a great way to get started and move forward with the design.

A common way to go is also to look at the current Silván Jewelry rings and look there for inspiration in terms of, for example, setting, gemstones or style. In this case, we can use our workshop to modify the existing Silván-rings from our current collection to your personal taste.

#2 Contact our shop or customer service

Once you have an initial vision of the ring of your dreams, please contact our customer service or visit one of our stores. Your ring idea can be presented and photographed by email or on-site in our shop. Illustrative pictures will help you with the design. Our experts will be happy to help you refine your idea into the ring of your dreams.

Before submitting the ring details to our workshop, we will go through the important details of the ring with you:

  • What material do you want to have the ring made of? Do you want 14 carat or 18 carat yellow, rose or white gold or other materials such as platinum?
  • Do you want natural or laboratory diamonds or possibly other gemstones such as morganite?
  • Your budget for the ring.
  • Your ring size.

#3 Sending a ring design to our workshop

The idea of your dream ring and its details will be forwarded to our workshop, where our goldsmith will go through your wishes and give the cost of having the ring made. This is also where any additional information or specific questions about the ring will be sent to you. The availability of any special materials (such as specially ordered gemstones) will always be clarified on a case-by-case basis.

You will also receive an estimate of the delivery time. In most cases, we are able to deliver custom rings within 3-4 weeks of the order.

#4 How to start commissioning a unique ring

Once you have approved the price and delivery time for the ring of your dreams, we will start the process of making the ring in our workshop. At this stage, it is also possible to have a 3D model of the ring to view before it is made. Based on the model, it is possible to make further changes to the ring.

We charge 10% of the value of the ring for a 3D model before the image is delivered to you. This amount is credited to the price of the final product, so there is no additional cost for the image if we continue the process of creating an unique ring.

#5 The ring will be made

The final step: making the ring of your dreams! Once the product (and any 3D model image) has been approved, the ring is made in our workshop. Delivery time is usually around 3-4 weeks and we will be in touch as soon as the ring is ready. Special orders are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

What is your dream ring like?

What is your dream ring? Let's make it happen together! You can create your own unique ring either by visiting our store (store locations) or by contacting our customer service.

You can also get inspiration for a ring from the Laatukoru's Silván-rings collection.

FAQ About Creating a Custom Ring

There is not one and the same answer to the price of making a ring, because the price is completely determined by the style of the ring, materials and possible gemstones. Basically, the price of making a ring starts from 200 euros and up (the material is silver, no precious stones, the design is simple). Over the years, we have produced rings and other diamond jewelry for customers, the prices of which have ranged from a few hundred euros to tens of thousands. Please contact us and we will discuss the ring you want in more detail so that you can get a price estimate for making it.

Most often, yes. If the unique ring made for you would not be a completely suitable size, it is usually possible to change the size of the rings by 0.5mm or 1.0mm (depending on the model of the ring and possible gemstones).

You can easily find out the size of the ring at home with the help of the instructions and measurement table found in our online store. Read tips and additional information on how to find out the ring size on our blog .

Traditionally, wedding rings have been the same for couples. However, it is no longer a rule to get similar wedding rings, and nowadays the vast majority of couples have different rings. A woman's wedding ring is often chosen, for example, with a row diamond ring or another diamond ring in which the diamonds are set low. So the engagement ring is easy to match with the wedding ring.

If you make yourself a unique ring through us or buy a ring from the Silván collection from Laatukoru, the engraving is always free (machine engraving).

Avainlipputunnus Laatukorun Silván-koruilla

Handcrafted in Finland

In 2009, Silván jewelry was awarded the Key Flag of the Finnish Union. This mark recognises that the product has been manufactured in Finland. In our workshop in Finland, in a small community, Silván jewelry is made for our customers' most important moments in life. The production of Silván jewelry is a combination of traditional goldsmith work and new technology.

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Silvan-korut on valmistettu 100 prosenttisesti kierrätetystä kullasta

Made of Ecological Recycled Gold

The gold we use in Silván jewelry is 100% recycled, which we also collect from our customers in our physical stores in the form of old gold jewelry and other gold products. This "old gold" that we buy from our customers is melted down, cleaned and processed into fine gold, after which the fine gold ends up as material for new Silván jewelry.

Read More About Responsibility
Silvan-korujen timantit on vastuullisia ja sertifioituja

Responsible and Ethical

All diamonds used in Silván jewelry have been selected on ethical and environmentally friendly grounds. We always require a written certificate from our suppliers about the origin and ethics of the diamonds. Our GIA certified diamonds are fully traceable. Silván diamond jewelry is always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, and diamonds over 0.50 ct are also accompanied by a GIA certificate.

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