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Efva Attling Jewelry

Efva Attling is a Swedish jewelry designer whose collection shows skillful design and strong messages. Efva Attling jewelry tells stories of love, friendship, courage, equality and freedom. The jewelry is designed to be power jewelry and a source of inspiration and to remind us of important themes. The main theme of Efva Attling jewelry is Beauty with a tough. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings that carry special meanings. Check out the silver and gold jewelry from the Efva Attling collection, and find a power jewelry for yourself or a wonderful gift for an important person.

Efva Attling Jewelry with Strong Messages

Beauty with a thought, this is how designer Efva Attling describes her jewelry collection. Efva Attling jewelry is known not only for its skillful design but also for its strong messages. Each necklace, earring and bracelet is designed with thought and carries important messages. The themes of the jewelry reflect important social issues, such as equality, courage, love, freedom and peace. Feminism is a prominent theme in Efva Attling's jewelry, and the designer herself is also strongly profiled as a feminist and supporter of equality. Strong self-expression is shown in the designer's work and public image.

Efva Attling jewelry with strong messages has also been seen on many public figures. The jewelry has grown in popularity since 2004, when the first Efva Attling concept store was opened in Stockholm, but the popularity literally exploded when pop queen Madonna publicly wore Homo Sapiens jewelry. Efva Attlingin says that with her Homo Sapiens jewelry she communicates that all people are equal and encourages wearing the jewelry close to the heart.

Efva Attling Jewelry as a Gift

Everyone needs a little encouragement sometimes. Efva Attling wants to remind us with her power jewelry that an individual can do more than they believe. Jewelry with a special meaning is a great gift for a loved one. In Efva Attling's jewelry, you can find direct messages such as "Women Power", "Take no shit", "Not for sale" and "Make love not war", but the collection also has jewelry that communicates different things with its design. Such jewelry includes, for example, jewelry from the Balls, Feminine and Queen Women series.

Although the message of the jewelry is strong, their design is simple and timeless. A piece of jewelry representing a stylish Scandinavian design is easy to buy as a gift and at the same time a special message is hidden in the gift. Do you want to encourage or empower an important person, or tell your spouse how unique they are? Efva Attling jewelry is an excellent alternative for that.

Jewelry Designer Efva Attling

Efva Attling was only 11 years old when she designed her first piece of jewelry. A silver bracelet with a swan theme was the first step into the world of jewelry, but it wasn't until decades later that her career as a jewelry designer began. Before this, Efva has had time to work as an international model and pursue a career as a musician and lyricist. Efva comes from a musical family, which today can be seen in her works as strong messages. The inspiring power of music and lyrics has always fascinated Efva.

Efva Attling returned to jewelry in 1996 and began to create a career as a jewelry designer. Swedish trendsetters quickly adopted the style of jewelry and the Homo Sapiens jewelry worn by Madonna in public Efva Attling jewelry also became known internationally. The first Efva Attling store was opened in Stockholm in 2004. Today, Efva Attling has a total of seven stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsinki. In addition, the brand has more than 200 retailers around the world. Over the years, Efva Attling has been awarded various recognitions for her work, most recently the Swedish ELLE magazine's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Efva Attling Jewelry from Laatukoru

Efva Attling's skillfully designed silver and gold jewelry is suitable for everyday life and for celebrations. Their timeless and reduced design allows the jewelry to be combined with each other or with other jewelry. Feel free to also try different combinations of silver jewelry and gold jewelry. Efva Attling necklaces, earrings and bracelets are designed with thought and carry special meanings. Thus, Efva Attling jewelry is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Check out the selection and choose your favorite!

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