Value Comes from Individuality

A bright light bulb shines on a wooden plank. My fingertips feel a little numb as I sand the last bits of the wedding ring I ordered smooth. I admire my work in the dim light, but at the same time I regret having to give it away. Upstairs from the kitchen are the sounds of footsteps as the children run around my wife. Exclamations, squeals - happy life. The smell of food wafts down to the basement. "As if by order...", I laugh.

Lautakoru's first steps were taken in 1972, when founder Keijo Silván started making jewelry in the basement of his home. The closeness of the kitchen, the warmth of the environment and the support given by the family have given him both inspiration and energy to do this work he loves with passion. The importance of the family to business operations has been great. For this reason, family members have worked in key positions in the company. Business operations have lived in the middle of the Silván family's everyday life, and now it is being done in the third generation. I guess you could say that Laatokoru's heart beats for Finnishness and traditions.

High-quality, Expert and Individual

A young couple is standing in front of a glass counter. "Does it have to be a stone or is a smooth surface enough?", the boy asks. The girl blushes next to her, but nevertheless says with certainty: "I'm engaged smooth and the wedding ring has a stone." An older couple smiles at the young couple's reflection as they walk towards the clock cabinet. The man's eyes linger for a moment in the direction of the valuable watches, the woman's eyes wander through the pearl jewelry and Silván diamond jewelry towards the customer service person."

Laatokoru manufactures and sells jewelry for all of us for the most important moments and achievements in our lives. In quality jewelry, you can find rings, earrings, pendants and watches, not to mention silverware and gifts. In addition to traditional and well-known brands, Laatokuru's selection is livened up by its own Silván diamond jewelry collection.

Quality jewelry manufactures its own Silván diamond jewelry. The goldsmiths employed by us process approximately 20 kg of recycled gold and 600 carats of diamonds at the Laatokoru workshop per year. These materials make wonderful and individual Silván diamond jewelry for both men and women.

Every goldsmith wants to leave his mark. Keijo Silván, the founder of Lautakoru, wanted to highlight his values, experiences and the things he considers most important with his Silván diamond jewelry. In Silván diamond jewelry, the attention is precisely focused on beautiful details, material choices, and abundant and clear shapes.

All of our Silván jewelry is made and designed in Finland. As a sign of this, in 2009, the key badge was awarded. When your skin touches the jewelry of the Silván family, you can be sure that the materials have been obtained from reliable sources. Every diamond sold has a guarantee certificate as a sign of their conflict-free and legal origin. Silván is a source of pride at Takuu.

For individuals as well as companies, according to needs

When I reward my employees for a good working career, I want to convey with my gift that their contribution to this community has been great and meaningful. When I give her a piece of jewelry or a watch, it's something permanent that doesn't lose its meaning when the first petal falls off. I think this kind of gift is something eternal.

Lautakoru is also involved in the everyday life of companies. When it comes time to reward a meritorious employee or remember a partner, you will certainly find a suitable gift in our selection as a thank you. We want to be involved in giving our part when awards are given for successes and achievements.

Upon request, we also make unique corporate gifts in our workshop. Examples of these, e.g. rings, cufflinks, tie pins and different pendants and pins made of gold or silver. We also make championship rings or other jewelry and fan products for sports clubs.

Laatukoru as part of your life

The most important thing for Laatokoru is precisely individuality, quality and the guarantee that the product and service meet the customer's needs. In addition to our own Silván diamond jewelry collection, you can find high-quality domestic brands as well as foreign brands in our selections.

Explore our selection and fall in love with our Silván jewelry.

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