Find the most popular and lovely jewelry at Laatukoru! In our online store you can find a versatile selection of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces. All jewelry is delivered in the manufacturers' and brands' own jewelry boxes.

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The Most Popular Jewelry Brands

Our selection includes thousands of different pieces of jewelry from dozens of different brands. We are an authorized dealer, you can find e.g. for popular Finnish jewelry brands such as Kalevala, Lumoava, Kohinoor , Saurum and Stelle. In addition, we have well-known international top brands such as Swarovski, Ti Sento and Thomas Sabo . We also manufacture our own Silván brand jewelry, such as diamond rings and engagement rings, in our own workshop in Hyvinkää, Finland.

Jewelry for Yourself or as a Gift

Here you can find the most wonderful jewelry for yourself or as a gift to a loved one! When ordering, you can also choose beautiful gift packaging for your jewelry, in which case the product will be packaged and a greeting card will be delivered with it. 

A comprehensive selection of rings for men and women

Whether you have in mind a ring for everyday use, for parties, as an engagement or wedding ring, or as a christening gift, you will surely find what you are looking for in our versatile selection. A beautiful ring can equally be an engagement or wedding ring, a gift for an important person or a finishing touch to an outfit bought for yourself.

The silver ring is well suited for everyday use and for lovers of cool-toned precious metals. You can find well-known ring models in our selection, such as from Kalevala and Lumoava. Luxury diamond and gold rings, on the other hand, are offered by Kalevala, Silván, Lumoava and Kohinoor. The gold rings are available in different shades of gold, yellow, white and rose gold. For those suffering from metal allergies, Beat of Love's titanium and ceramic rings and Kohinoor's zirconium rings work best. Ring models for both women and men are available from all the brands we represent.

Wedding and Engagement Rings from Finnish Brands

Finnish gold and diamond rings are the best choice for engagement and wedding rings. Products made in Finland withstand quality inspection and at the same time support Finnish jewelry production. Laatukoru's own Silván diamond ring collection is made in Hyvinkää, Finland and using traditional methods in the hands of our skilled goldsmiths. Silván rings have plenty of models for different styles, and if you want, you can also make small changes to our ready-made models.

Finnish jewelry production is also represented by the engagement and wedding ring collections of Kalevala, Lumoava and Kohinoor. The popular Kalevala Love ring collection relies on traditional and strong stories, while the Lumoava collection offers more modern ring designs. The specialty of Kohinoor, on the other hand, is the diamond cuts, which give the surface of the ring a beautiful and sparkling structure without diamonds.

Lovely Earrings for Everyday Life and Festive Occasions

Earrings complete your style both in everyday life and at parties. Check out our selection of bronze and silver earrings from well-known Finnish brands such as Kalevala and Lumoava, as well as stylish silver earrings from Ti Sento and Thomas Sabo. Swarovski crystal earrings in their many different crystal shades offer maximum sparkle.

Gold earrings that match your style are a timeless accessory for everyday life and parties. With us you can find both traditional and affordable gold earrings as well as luxurious gold and diamond earrings from brands such as Efva Attling, Silván and Lumoava. Discover also classic pearl earrings, from simple models to slightly more spectacular ones.

Stylish Necklaces and Pendants in Different Materials

Whether your style is showy or minimalist, the right kind of necklace will complete both a casual outfit and a party look. In our selection, you can find spectacular necklaces and more minimalistic pendants in different materials and in different price categories. Discover, for example, Kalevala's bronze and silver necklaces and Lumoava's silver and gold necklaces. You can find gold-plated silver necklaces in Ti Sento's necklace selection, for example, and beautifully sparkling crystal necklaces from Swarovski. If you are a fan of real diamonds and Finnish jewelry design, you should check out the diamond pendants from the Silván collection made in Hyvinkää.

Bracelets from the Most Famous Brands

With a bracelet, like other jewelry, it is easy to communicate your own style. In our wide selection of bracelets, you can find the most popular bracelets for men and women. For women's bracelets, you can find beautiful silver, bronze and gold bracelets as well as pearl strings and Swarovski crystal bracelets. For men, our selection includes several different steel bracelets from Sector, as well as silver bracelets from Kalevala and Lumoava.

Jewelry Easily Online

In our online store you can find a comprehensive selection of jewelry in different materials and in different price categories. Discover silver, bronze and gold jewelry, classic pearl jewelry or stylish steel jewelry, and choose your favorites from the selection of thousands of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings!

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