Diamond and Gold Bracelets

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We have the most beautiful gold bracelets! In our online store you can find traditional, classic rolo chain bracelets in yellow and white gold and in different size options.

A Golden Bracelet as a Gift

A golden bracelet is a great gift idea. The bracelet is suitable as a gift for a spouse, mother or friend. A gold bracelet never goes out of fashion and can easily be combined with different outfits and jewelry. Choose, for example, a stylish rolo chain as a gift. The reduced bean chain is suitable for use on its own, with a pendant or with another bracelet or watch. Rolo chains are available in white and yellow gold and in different thicknesses. When getting a bracelet as a gift, you should think about the preferences of the recipient, whether he prefers yellow gold jewelry or lighter white gold, or whether he prefers more reduced models or more showy jewelry.

Gold Bracelet and Diamond Bracelet Care and Maintenance

In use, gold jewelry loses its luster and can get dirty. However, gold does not darken with use like, for example, silver jewelry, and its maintenance is therefore easier. When you store and maintain your gold and diamond bracelets correctly, you can make them last forever. Especially in bracelets decorated with diamonds, it is good to check at regular intervals that the diamonds are properly attached.

For cleaning gold jewelry at home, there are cleaning cloths intended for gold jewelry. You can use the cloth dry or by moistening it with a mild detergent intended for gold jewelry. You can also make a mild detergent yourself using regular dishwashing detergent. Always avoid too hard brushes or sponges and abrasive substances when cleaning gold jewelry. After cleaning, it is good to dry the gold jewelry carefully with a soft cloth. Others also store your diamond and gold bracelets in the box reserved for them, separately from other jewelry. Gold jewelry should not be exposed to excessive chemicals or temperature fluctuations, and it is good to take them off when going to the sauna or swimming, for example.

In addition to home care, gold and diamond bracelets should also be serviced regularly by a professional. Gold and diamond jewelry brought to the Laatukoru store is sent to our workshop, where it is serviced by a professional goldsmith. At the workshop, the jewelry is cleaned, polished, and the setting of the stones is checked. Cleaning of diamond and gold jewelry is done with detergents intended for cleaning jewelry and with an ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner precisely cleans the dirt even from diamond bracelets that are difficult to clean by hand. When you take care of your jewelry by a professional, you will get an almost brand new result and your gold and diamond jewelry will last forever.

Gold as the Material of the Bracelet

Beautiful yellow, white, or rose gold is the ideal material for bracelets: gold has a beautiful shine and does not change color much over time. Gold as a jewelry material is also well tolerated and does not cause any allergic reactions. Different shades of gold are obtained by adding different metals to gold. Yellow gold is made by mixing gold with silver and copper. Rose gold is obtained by increasing the copper content of this alloy. White gold, on the other hand, is obtained by mixing, for example, palladium with gold. The shade of white gold is gray or yellowish and sometimes white gold jewelry is rhodium plated to create a light surface. Rhodium plating means coating white gold or other metal with rhodium metal electrolytically.

The most typical gold concentrations used in gold jewelry are 14 and 18 karat. The gold content is marked on the necklaces with stamps that indicate the gold content in parts per million. In 14-karat gold, the proportion of fine gold is 58.5 percent, in which case it is stamped with the mark 585, and in 18-karat gold, the proportion of fine gold is 75 percent, in which case it is stamped with the mark 750. Fine gold as such is too soft to make jewelry, and therefore it is hardened by mixing other metals into it.

Diamond and Gold Bracelets from Laatukoru

In our online store's selection of gold and diamond bracelets, you can find beautiful bean chains in yellow and white gold and in different thicknesses, as well as other diamond and gold bracelets. Check out the selection and order a beautiful gold bracelet for yourself or as a gift!

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