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High-quality watches and bracelets require proper storage. Watch boxes are a popular gift idea for all watch enthusiasts. One watch case can hold several watches or bracelets. You can find more options in Laatukoru stores.

Handy Watch Box for Watches and Bracelets

Just like jewelry, watches also need to be stored correctly. When the valuable watch is not lying on the bedside table or elsewhere with other things, it will remain stylish for a long time, and it will not, for example, get scratched. You can also store important bracelets in the watch box. The watch boxes in our selection have space for six or ten watches. In addition, our selection includes a large watch case that can hold a total of 21 watches or bracelets. There are boxes from which the watches can be seen from above, as well as more closed models. The color scheme of the watch boxes is dark and the design language is minimalistic. The materials of the various watch boxes include dark lacquered wood and leather upholstery. These beautiful watch boxes can be stored on a bookshelf.

A Watch Box as a Gift for a Man

A watch box is an excellent gift idea, especially for a watch enthusiast or someone who owns several watches. A watch case is often bought for a man as an anniversary gift or, for example, as a Father's Day gift. The watch box is both practical and stylish as a gift. A person who appreciates high-quality watches is guaranteed to also appreciate a stylish watch case, where you can store your valuable watches in a way that befits their value. Choose a gift according to how many watches the recipient needs to keep. In our selection, you can find cases and briefcases with space for anywhere from six watches to tens of watches.

A Small Watch Box Goes with You on the Trip

The smallest watch box model has space for six watches. This watch box is suitable for someone who owns a few watches or as a travel model for a true watch enthusiast. The case with six watches is just the right size for a suitcase and to take with you. When going on vacation or on a business trip, you may need several watches or bracelets, and they can be carried safely in the watch box.

A Watch Box for a True Watch Enthusiast

For real watch enthusiasts, our selection offers a large watch box that can store a total of 21 watches. The stylish box is black imitation alligator leather and has light upholstery. The handle of the briefcase is also covered with black imitation leather. In addition to this, the box has two number locks, both of which work with a three-digit opening code. This way, the watches are also safe and cannot be accessed without two installed codes. This case is also perfect as a gift for someone who owns a large number of watches. A passionate watch enthusiast knows how to appreciate a gift where watches can be stored well and can even be locked with a combination of numbers.

Watch Box Easily Online

Are you looking for a storage box for your watches or are you buying a gift for someone who collects watches or owns dozens of them? In our online store you can find the most stylish watch boxes and watch cases for real watch enthusiasts. The color scheme of the watch boxes is dark and valuable materials such as wood and leather have been used. Minimalistically reduced and stylish watch boxes are not only practical but also eye-catching. Place the watch box on the shelf or in a place of your choice. Some of our watch cases also have a locking option, and the smallest ones are also perfectly suitable for carrying in a suitcase. Check out our selection and order a stylish watch box for storing valuable watches and bracelets!

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