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Introducing Efva Attling Jewelry - the Leading Jewelry Designer in the Nordics Wants to Inspire People Around the World

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Efva Attling is one of the most famous Nordic jewelry designers. The Swedish designer's collection includes artfully designed gold and silver jewelry that carries with it themes such as feminism, equality, friendship and love. Beauty with a tough is a key idea in the designer's collection, but she often deals with difficult issues with humor. Although the message of the jewelry is strong, their design is simple and timeless. The jewelry representing stylish Scandinavian design quickly made a breakthrough among Stockholm's "trendsetters" and internationally the popularity exploded when Efva Attling's Homo Sapiens necklace was seen on Madonna. The super popular Efva Attling gold jewelry and silver jewelry are now also available from Laatukoru!

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"Beauty with a tought" - Efva Attling jewelry shows strong messages

Efva Attling made her first piece of jewelry at the age of 11. A silver bracelet shaped like a swan was a prelude to the fact that decades later Efva started designing jewelry under her own brand. In the meantime, she also had time to make a career as a model and musician, and especially the musician's career is strongly reflected in Efva's jewelry design. The lyrics written in the 80s left a spark to touch and encourage people and open topics for discussion.

For Efva Attling, jewelry design is not just about designing beautiful accessories. She wants to inspire people around the world and remind them of important themes. Love and friendship play a significant role in Efva's design, as well as the power and strength of the individual. Efva has said that she wants to remind that an individual is capable of doing more than they believe. Efva's design strongly reflects the idea of ​​power style, which allows anyone to feel confident and strong. For Efva, "power" is not big things, but simplicity and strong messages. For your own power jewelry, you can get, for example, a silver Power Plate bracelet with the words "Fuck Off" or "Take No Shit", or a Little Feminine pendant that communicates with its shape, according to which the future belongs to women. Or maybe you get yourself Little Devil earrings to remind you that sometimes it's good to let the devil inside you go.

Difficult subjects, love and humor, all of this is embodied in the designer's collection, which makes available to everyone something relatable and, at best, can have an empowering effect. Efva's own favorite expression is Amor Fati, love for our destiny. He sees that we have been given this life, so let's make the best of it!

Efva Attling Circle of Love jewelry

Efva Attling's love jewelry as a gift

Love jewelry is a wonderful gift for an important person, whether the topic of the celebration is a wedding anniversary, a birthday or any day that is meaningful to you two. Two interlocking rings, a circle of love, a ribbon of friendship or a knot of love - these are all symbols with which you can tell your spouse about your commitment or a friend how important he is. In the selection of Efva Attling love jewelry you will find yellow gold, white gold and silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings, each of which has an important message to tell.

Gold and silver Efva Attling hoop earrings

A classic hoop earring is the cornerstone of every jewelry selection and an easy everyday accessory that can be combined with any outfit. In Efva Attling silver and gold jewelry, you can also find trendy hoop earrings in different sizes and variations. The gold Mini Hoop & Stars earrings come with small brilliant-cut diamonds, the Little Hoops earrings in gold and silver have an elegant angular shape, and the 101 Plain Hoops earrings can be worn on their own or combined with different charms. The classic hoop earring is a classic accessory that, when skillfully designed, will never go out of style.

Efva Attling Friendship jewelry

Classic gold and diamond jewelry from Efva Attling

Efva Attling is known for statement jewelry and insightful design with a completely unique twist. And especially the silver jewelry collection contains many spectacular models, which make it possible to stand out and create your own power style. However, in gold and diamond jewelry, the Efva Attling collection also shows its more restrained side. In addition to statement jewelry, the collection includes classic jewelry styles, whose reduced style is complemented by diamonds and freshwater pearls. Those looking for classic gold jewelry should check out Day Pearl, Dolce Vita Princess, and My First Diamond jewelry from Efva Attling. Their classic style appears reduced, but still in keeping with the spirit of the times and enriched with small details.

Efva Attling gold and silver jewelry from Laatukoru

Efva Attling's lovely love jewelry, power jewelry with strong messages, and classic gold jewelry are now available in the Laatukoru online store and stores. Our selection covers the most popular Efva Attling jewelry in white, yellow gold and silver. Check out the inspiring jewelry selection and choose your own power jewelry or surprise your loved ones with gold jewelry that tells of your love!

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