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Kalevala Spring 2023 Novelty Jewelry: Delicate Floral Theme and Strong Symbols

The Kalevala spring 2023 novelties feature a delicate flower theme, magical Amulet little charms and silver Tree Spirit, reminiscent of the cool receding winter. In Kalevala spring novelty jewelry, you can find spectacular jewelry for spring and summer parties, as well as wonderful gift ideas for spring graduates. Check out the Kalevala novelty jewelry and fall in love!

The Kalevala Summer Night Rose jewelry collection is a delicate interpretation of the midsummer rose

Helsinki-based clothing designer Anni Ruuth designed one of the most interesting novelties of spring 2023 for Kalevala. The jewelry collection called Summer Night Rose is a delicate interpretation of the midsummer rose and at the same time brings the promise of the coming summer into the middle of spring. The romantic and feminine style characteristic of the designer can be seen in the Summer Night Rose jewelry. Anni Ruuth is especially known for clothes decorated with feathers and influences from the ballet world.

The designer says that she studied the Midsummer rose growing in her garden and drew patterns from its petals. Among other things, she observed how flower petals behave and how one flower makes room for another blooming flower. The perfect vintage shine of the jewelry and the new golden-reddish tone of the bronze are also the result of the collaboration between the designer and Kalevala's jewelry team.

Kalevala Summer night rose jewelry from Laatukoru

By researching and being inspired by nature, the delightful Summer Night Rose jewelry collection was born, which includes a pendant, a necklace and three earring models in different sizes. The Summer Night Rose jewelry are suitable for the spectacular party wear of spring and summer 2023. Combine earrings of different sizes with a pendant and a necklace. The spectacular Summer Night Rose necklace or large earrings are eye-catchers even on their own.

The Kalevala Tree Spirit jewelry collection is now also available in silver

In spring 2023, the bronze Tree Spirit series will be continued with a silver necklace and silver earrings, in which the new green enamel tone is combined with cool silver. In the much-anticipated novelty, nature's unique design meets the fashion of the moment. The surface structure of the Tree Spirit jewelry is reminiscent of bark and pine cones, and the impression is emphasized by the deep forest green tone of the enamel.

Kalevala Haltija jewelry from Laatukoru

The jewelry of the Tree Spirit collection was designed by Taru Harmaala Chaloff and the enamel of the jewelry was made by Pauliina Rungren in Mikkeli. The Tree Spirit collection includes a striking necklace and two different pairs of earrings. The look of the Tree Spirit jewelry can be easily changed when the length of the necklace chain is adjusted or a smaller earring is placed on the earlobe in different ways.

The polar bear completes the symbols of the Kalevala Amulet collection

Would you be a bear bearer? The lovely Amulet pendants are complemented by the fifth symbol, the Amulet Polar Bear pendant. For the northern peoples, the bear was the king of the forest, a symbol of power and wisdom. The bear was believed to be a person of the forest, but also of the human race. The polar bear amulet carries with it the bear's wisdom and strength.

Kalevala Polar Bear Amulet from Quality Jewelry

The Amulet Polar Bear pendant is available in both silver and bronze, and the length of the chain that comes with it is adjustable. The pendants of the Amulet collection are made to be combined, use pendants of different lengths together and boldly mix silver and bronze as well.

New Kalevala Amulet bracelets - what is your power jewelry?

The charming Kalevala Amulet jewelry continues with small Amulet charms as well as bracelets and earrings, with which everyone can assemble their own, unique power jewelry. Small amulet charms have a greater meaning than their size, because they store power and magic that our ancestors believed in long ago. They bring their own magical power to the wearer: luck, courage, love, protection or wisdom.

Kalevala Amulet jewelry from Latukoru

Is it the Sun Lion, the Teljä Maiden, the St. John's Arms, the Bear or the Sailor's Knot, or any combination of these that speak to you the most? Assemble your own power jewelry either as a pendant, bracelet or earrings. You can choose all five symbols in two different sizes and in silver and bronze. Or maybe you want to delight a spring graduate with Amulet jewelry. Do you wish a high school student or a person preparing for a profession luck and wisdom for the future, or do you wish them protection and courage throughout life. A piece of jewelry from the Amulet collection is a wonderful gift with great meaning.

Kalevala novelties from Laatukoru

Kalevala's lovely spring novelties, the silver Tree Spirit, Summer Night Rose and  little Amulet charms, are now available in Laatukoru's online store and stores. Get yourself attractive jewelry for summer parties, put together your own power jewelry, or delight a spring graduate with a special jewelry gift.

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