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Swiss Tissot Chrono XL Watches

The chronograph watches of the Tissot Chrono XL collection are among the largest Tissot watches with a case diameter of 45 mm. Chrono XL's design is strongly based on the classic tradition of men's watch design. There is a lot of choice in terms of style in the collection, as there is plenty of variation in watch materials and colors. Tissot Chrono XL models are a great choice if you are looking for a spectacular, sporty and stylish Swiss watch in an affordable price range!

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Tissot Chrono XL User Manual

Download the user manuals for Tissot Chrono XL watches here: Automatic mechanism | Quartz movement

Tissot Chrono XL is a striking and sporty watch

Tissot Chrono XL is a stylish men's watch with a large 45 mm wide case. The size of the dial makes this watch easy to read in addition to being attractive. Its chronograph display and timekeeping features give the watch a sporty feel. This watch is suitable for those looking for a sporty, large and stylish watch. In terms of price-quality ratio, this watch is incomparable!

Tissot Chrono XL is available as basic models, Tissot Chrono XL Classic models and Tissot Chrono XL Vintage models. All Chrono XL models are very similar in terms of features, but differ subtly in their design and, for example, in the materials of the bracelets. Different color and material options are available in all three categories. Watch cases made of stainless steel are available as is or PVD-coated in different metal tones and black. The dials range from elegant dark, to classic blue and green, as well as lighter shades of beige and silver, and the bracelets come in different colors of steel, leather and fabric. Tissot Chrono XL watches have a precise Quartz movement.

Chrono XL is Tissot Quality in an Affordable Price Range

The Tissot Chrono XL is an excellent choice due to its good price-quality ratio. The materials of Tissot Chrono XL watches are selected with quality first and without compromising on style. All Tissot watches go through durability tests, which determine the shock and pressure resistance of the watch, as well as the penetration of liquids, gas and dust. Tissot Chrono XL watches are water resistant to 100 meters, which means they can withstand swimming and snorkeling as well as moderate shocks underwater.

The quality of Tissot watches is indicated by the materials chosen for them, such as the strong sapphire glass that protects the dial. Sapphire glass has very high impact resistance and excellent transparency. Sapphire glass is scratch-resistant and next in strength to diamonds. Sapphire glass is also easy to re-polish, although it is also known for excellent gloss retention. The bracelets of the Chrono XL model are made of stainless steel, titanium, praised for its durability, and high-quality leather.

Tissot - Precision, Quality and Tradition

Tissot is a traditional Swiss watch manufacturer whose collection includes high-quality watches for many tastes and styles. Tissot has been part of the Swatch Group since 1983, but its roots go back to 1853, when goldsmith Charles-Félicien Tissot founded his watch factory in Le Locle, Switzerland, with his son. Tissot was the first watch factory to start mass production of pocket watches and is remembered for its watch classics, such as the RockWatch made of natural stones.

The values ​​of the Tissot brand strongly include tradition, precision and innovation. The brand operating under the Swiss Made label has supported several projects that share its values. The brand has been involved in Swiss alpine tourism and Swiss mountain landscapes through various partnerships and has visibly supported, for example, the innovative high-altitude Jungfrau railways. Tissot watches have also established themselves among sports fans after serving as the official timekeeper for major sporting events such as Moto GP, FIBA ​​and AFL for many years.

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